Our range of jewellery is delicate, hence please be careful when wearing and storing it.

In order to maintain and prolong the life of your SD jewellery, we recommend you to follow the care instructions below:

  • Keep jewellery dry at all times. 
  • Avoid direct contact of the item with cosmetics, perfumes and body products.
  • Avoid contact with moisture, chemical substances, chlorine and salt water as these substances may damage and tarnish your jewellery.  
  • If your item is made of silver and if the silver loses its shine and seems dull, please use a silver polishing cloth to bring it back its luster!
  • When storing your jewellery, please do so at room temperature and place it away from direct sunlight. Sunlight will increase the temperature of the jewellery and cause damage over time. Some metals and gemstones may even change colour or fade as a result of excessive heat.

SURAdesires will not under any circumstances be liable to the purchaser for any consequential loss or damage and that loss or damage is suffered or incurred by the purchaser.