shower, swim, sweat & it'll stay

At Suradesires, 'high-grade Stainless steel' is the preferred base metal used in majority of our pieces.
As Earth's most versatile metal alloy, it is often a great choice for people with allergies or sensitivities.

Stainless Steel does not physically degrade or corrode and repairs itself against any oxidation.
It's 100% recyclable and each new item contains approximately up to 60% recycled material!
Best of all, due to its biologically inert nature, it does not give off any harmful chemicals while used.

Our electroplating process or PVD plating process when coating high-quality 18 karat Gold onto Stainless Steel makes it extremely durable for daily wear, hypoallergenic due to the base metal properties and water-resistant for at least a few years or more if maintained with care.

Feeling Golden?

Treat yourself to our stackable and statement Gold rings from our stylish essential range of everyday pieces. Our rings will be sure to compliment any outfit and will do all the talking for you!

Our most popular


Our chains are designed to be versatile so you can seamlessly and effortlessly style them with your everyday ensemble - Feel free to layer them up where you can wear them during the day and all through the night!